Stayin’ Fly with Toiletries in Check

Stayin' fly with toiletries in check on Pura Vida Sometimes

When you spend a lot of time on the road, you develop efficiencies so you can sleep that extra half hour, get through security quickly, roll up to the gate just as the doors are closing, and arrive at your destination with all your belongings intact. Whether I’m planning an overnight trip or a two-week vacation (I wish!), I’m happy to share my system with you for smooth travels, as far as travel toiletries are concerned. Be ready to skip town: I always leave a set of travel-ready toiletries packed and ready to go waiting patiently in the closet for […]

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About Pura Vida. Sometimes. Pura Vida Sometimes is a labor of love – a blog about the imperfect path to the pure life and exploration of life’s trials, treasures, and travesuras for people who know the rules and like to break them. With every intention of being healthy, organic and balanced, we stumble along the way, and on Pura Vida. Sometimes. you’re in good company. Hungry in my own journey for truth, adventure, love, and happiness, with a total disregard for what I’m “supposed to do,” I’ve lived a few lives-worth of adventures and want to share with you what I’ve […]

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