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About Pura Vida. Sometimes.

Pura Vida Sometimes is a labor of love – a blog about the imperfect path to the pure life and exploration of life’s trials, treasures, and travesuras for people who know the rules and like to break them. With every intention of being healthy, organic and balanced, we stumble along the way, and on Pura Vida. Sometimes. you’re in good company.

Hungry in my own journey for truth, adventure, love, and happiness, with a total disregard for what I’m “supposed to do,” I’ve lived a few lives-worth of adventures and want to share with you what I’ve learned. I am your friend and curandera (healer), and Pura Vida Sometimes is your playbook.

About Genevieve Gil

Genevieve H. Gutiérrez Gil, author of Pura Vida Sometimes is a high-functioning creative with a business background. She’s a communicator, relationship builder,  and brand marketer with experience in integrative health, technology, non-profit, and journalism. She strives for wellness and joy whilst balancing work, family and fun -or trying to, in any case. Genevieve grew up in Nogales on ranch property on a dirt road in a small town that straddles the US / Mexico border – working and dallying on both sides of the line.

Though her youth was unglamorous, her voracious appetite for culture, art, and food has led her to uncover life’s treasures.She has an MBA in global brand management from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and is classically trained in voice, but only sings in the shower. She always had a sense of restlessness and thirst for the wide world outside of her comfort zone, which in turn fostered in her determination, irreverence, and adaptability.

Now, as a working mother and wife with a full-time “real” job she loves, she is challenged to strike balance between domestic pleasures and responsibilities, career goals, intellectual and spiritual development, and maybe carving out time for a nap.

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