Glow Like Tata Harper

Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida Sometimes

One of the things I was most excited about when I moved to the Phoenix area was being closer to Citrine Natural Beauty Bar – my version of an art gallery of glam – and being able to pop into the mid-day events I had seen advertised, so when I got the email for the master class with Tata Harper herself, I jumped at the chance. Tata Harper is the Colombian-born proprietor of the eponymous critically-acclaimed and celebrity-endorsed natural skincare and cosmetics line. She sources ingredients from 48 countries and produces the rest on her farm in Vermont, where she has […]

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Letter to My Daughter: On Being a Workaholic

Letter on being a workaholic Pura Vida Sometimes

To my beautiful Warrior Princess: One of my greatest fears is that you will look back on your childhood and think that your mom cared more about work than about you. I would understand if my actions gave you that impression, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’d like to explain a few things with hopes you will view our life together with love and compassion and make good choices on how you want to live yours. Since I was 17, I’ve only ever not worked during three four-month spurts in my life. The first two were between […]

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Your Hair is Begging for Detox

Your Hair is Begging for Detox - Pura Vida Sometimes

When I told my coworker the premise of this post, and judging by her expression, I was wavering between “The Best Hair of Your Life” and “How to Get Amazing Hair and Not Be Disgusting.” I urge you to ditch your shampoo and work with what your creator gave you. My intention is to get you to go natural in your hair routine without smelling like an Ani diFranco concert (a.k.a. dread hell). Like most of you, my whole life up until a few years ago, I was stuck in a vicious cycle of shampooing every night – because I enjoy […]

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How to Be the Best Woman for the Job

How to Be the Best Woman for the Job on Pura Vida Sometimes

I was invited to business development meeting with our director of operations and a potential partner from Spain – a well-dressed man in his 60s. We made introductions, talked about our ideas and possible synergies – an even interplay between the three of us in the room, but he and I also chatted briefly in his mother tongue. The Spaniard sat straight with his hands crossed, the director of operations had a small notepad and jotted things periodically, and I typed on my little laptop as we talked. At the end of the meeting, the three of us agreed it […]

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Shopping, Cool Stuff & Great Resources

Shopping on Pura Vida Sometimes

Aside from sharing life lessons, best practices and hacks, I love having the ability, through Pura Vida. Sometimes., to share the things I get really excited about and give you the resources to find them for yourself here in the shop. As I write, explore, and discover, I’ll add more great favorites and findings here so please check back.  Knowledge:  Thoughtfully Magazine – interesting to read, gorgeous to see, and it informs the sort of lifestyle I like to talk about – great recipes, natural beauty, living organically, with a hint of empowerment. The Skimm – I seriously love The Skimm – it’s the best way […]

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Hasta Luego, Epic Empties

Epic empties clean beauty gems on Pura Vida Sometimes

I used up a bunch of my faves and re-stocking is gonna be spendy, but always an adventure, right? I pay tribute here to a few of my friends over the last few years. They’ve made me beautiful, they made me happy, they’ve taught me that green can be luxurious. Tata Harper: This brand is a celebrity favorite with good reason. Originating on a farm in Vermont, this line is clinically-proven to be extremely effective, it feels high-end, and from each product emanates the sweet and subtle scent of flowers and earth. Any time I use Tata’s products, I breath […]

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The Fiend’s Peanut Butter Cup

Fiends PB Cup on Pura Vida Sometimes

 If I was ever stranded on a desert island, I’d hope there were cacao beans and coconut trees. I have a chocolate problem. I love it in it’s most pure form. Milk chocolate can fly a kite; sugar and milk are impurities, as far as I’m concerned. I adore dark chocolate – the more bitter, the better. This Fiend’s Peanut Butter Cup hits the spot when I put myself on a diet desert island and when I’m safe and sound in the city. When I started eating low-carb, I felt so much better, I stopped being so hangry, I spent a […]

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Don’t Blow the Interview Before You Sit Down

Don't Blow the Interview on Pura Vida Sometimes

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to interviews, because sometimes that’s all you have. There are a number of ways to prepare for the Q&A, nerves are both natural and excusable, but if you really want the job, make sure you’re not sabotaging yourself before the grilling starts. There are a number of physical cues that let me, as an interviewer, know whether you’d have the presence you need in the office and with business associates and third parties, and whether you really want to work with me. For each open position, I may have interviewed 10 candidates […]

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