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Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida Sometimes

One of the things I was most excited about when I moved to the Phoenix area was being closer to Citrine Natural Beauty Bar – my version of an art gallery of glam – and being able to pop into the mid-day events I had seen advertised, so when I got the email for the master class with Tata Harper herself, I jumped at the chance.

Tata Harper is the Colombian-born proprietor of the eponymous critically-acclaimed and celebrity-endorsed natural skincare and cosmetics line. She sources ingredients from 48 countries and produces the rest on her farm in Vermont, where she has total control of the line’s supply chain – from sourcing and production to packaging and marketing – which means she is able to ensure quality and freshness. And indeed, her line has proven it’s worth through clinical trial effectivity and an army of very pretty fans who have seen results.

Tata giving a facial - Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida Sometimes

Despite the acclaim and cache of Tata Harper, the woman herself has an air of simple elegance. She is well-spoken and kind. But here’s the real dish: her skin is even more amazing in-person than in photos. C’mon, she must be used to people gazing at her adoringly as they guiltily scrutinize her tiny pores and lack of wrinkles. Tata Harper is luminescent even in shadows. Whatever she’s selling, I’m buying. Literally. Don’t tell my husband.

So on Thursday, August 25, I took a really long lunch break (PTO, before I get called out) to be one in a room of skincare fangirls from near and far, try literally every product Tata Harper offers, and walk through Tata’s facial ritual. I wondered whether I’d learn something I hadn’t already gleaned in my own journey, and boy, did I. I left illuminated, so keep reading:

Tata does her own facials: She says, “I’m a working mother of three, so I do my facials myself.” Makes perfect sense that a busy woman with access to the best products would create her own ritual, but at least in my head, this statement put us on level ground. If this dazzling yet busy woman does her own facials, why can’t I? She does a full facial once a week, so as you can guess, so will I. Which brings me to…

Genevieve Gil of PVS multimasking like a boss -Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida SometimesMultimasking: I had a generous dose of one mask on my face when Tata’s posse served me up another, and yet another. “What? You’ve never heard of multimasking?” Tata nonchalantly challenged us. Apparently, it’s something busy women do, strategically placing masks with different missions where their faces most need them.

Invest in products you love and enjoy their short life with you: That’s my synopsis. Tata designs her products to have only a 1-year shelf life (small batches produced to meet demand) so that each is active and fresh. After a year any product will diminish in effectiveness, so rather than having a million products to try out over the course of years, focus on what products work best for you and use them regularly while they’re the most potent.

HYDRATING FLORAL ESSENCEPollution damage equals UV damage: You use an SPF religiously, but do you take precautions against pollution? Tata says these forces are equally powerful, and that pollution can creep beneath the surface of your skin where it creates nitrogen particles that degrade the quality of your glow. Those of us in big cities or who are particularly exposed should take special precautions and never go to bed without a thorough nighttime cleanse.

ELIXIR VITAE“Toner is old school:” Her words – not mine. Back in the day, the common use of harsh, stripping detergents would upset the pH balance of skin and require the use of neutralizing toners, but with sophisticated cleansing products and better technique (hello, double cleanse!), an essence or hydrasol is the way to go. Personally, I don’t leave home without Tata’s Hydrating Floral Essence, or spa on-the-go, as I call it. When the summer Arizona heat is shrinking my face, I give myself a spritz and the world is right again. But to be fair, after three or four days of using her Concentrated Brightening Essence, I find myself looking in the mirror and being all, “Damn, girl.”

“Serums are the workhorses of skin care:” She said they are the most important skincare purchase and have the greatest impact in improving the look and feel of your skin. (FYI: she says her Elixir Vitae is her desert island skincare item – the one she can’t do without. I’m saving my pennies!)

Tata Harper applying eye creme - Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida SometimesIncrease circulation around your eyes: When applying an eye cream, Tata draws 5 circles around her eyes, from cheekbone to below the eyebrow and around, and then changes direction for another 5 circles to increase drainage. She says to do this “only when you have the slip” of eye creams on your fingertips to protect your skin.

Tata demonstrating aromatherapy - Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida SometimesLayer your products in the right order: Um, I’d been doing this all wrong. Start with a cleanse, followed by an essence or hydrasol, and while your face is still dewy, apply a serum. Next, moisturize, follow it with eye cream, and any oils at the end. If you’re using an SPF, that should be the last step. Why? Particle size. Stack your particles from smallest to largest. Oils are a large particle, and should follow the serum. A good natural sunblock is designed with large particles that shield you from the sun and so should be saved for the finale.

I have to be honest, this class was my Disneyland. It was pure joy to be educated on rather than sold the full Tata Harper line – to have the products between my fingertips, glossing my skin, and saturating my senses. I came away with a better understanding of my particular facial needs, a renewed love for the brand, and great appreciation for the savvy of its namesake. Okay – I also acquired a jar of Limited Edition Honey Blossom Mask to join its green sisters in my cabinets… and a list for Santa.

Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida Sometimes

Disclosure: This is not a paid endorsement – I really do love the brand this much. That said, a few of the hyperlinked products here that I use and recommend (and link to for your convenience) contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on them, I will receive a small commission (for my convenience). Feel free to buy from the suggested vendors or from anywhere else you frequent or find value.

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