Create a Moment: Spa on the Road

Create a Moment - Spa on the Road - Pura Vida Sometimes

If you’re single and your time is all your own,  enjoy it. For the rest of us, we have to take full advantage of the intermittent and fleeting moments of respite to self-indulge. Business trips, for me, are long days of hard work and evenings in the home-away-from-home spa. Seize the opportunity to create a relaxing experience when and where you can.

When I travel, I’m most often in 4- and 5-star hotels, far nicer than anything I’d be able to afford on my own. And although I’m working 10 to 12 hour days talking to people and wishing I was an extrovert, and even though I actually spend very little time in my beautiful hotel rooms, all I need is an hour to treat myself and rest sweetly.

Omni Montelucia's fluffy, fluffy pillowsMy travel bag of toiletries is stuffed with sample sizes and downsized portions of luxury brands, not deviating much from those I would use at home so that my skin doesn’t rebel under challenging travel conditions. (Side note: on last week’s trip, I brought my Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Mask from Beauty Heroes (pictured) – so burny, in a good way.) That said, I’ll also include a few items I wouldn’t regularly use, like bath salts, or a lavender-scented eye mask.


How to create a spa during a business trip and decompress after a long day on the road:

Create a Moment: Spa on the Road on Pura Vida. Sometimes.

As soon as you come in the door, take off your shoes, because conference shoes are torture devices – beautiful contortion contraptions that are, at best, impractical and unpredictably uncomfortable while carting around gear, walking in unknown cities and airports, and hustling through convention centers.

Shoes off, clothes to follow (to your comfort level), and head straight for that fluffy white bathrobe. If you’re hungry, now’s the time to call for room service. Screw the service charge – well worth it, the company may pay, and you have a free room anyway.

Double cleanse your face, and put on a face mask. If room service comes in the meantime, it doesn’t matter because you’ll never seem them again after this week. Make yourself a hot cup of tea while you catch up on magazines or your book list, let the mask do its magic, and try not to fall asleep.

Rinse that beautiful face, spritz with a hydrasol and massage with creams and oils, and say some kind words to yourself. Maybe take a magnesium, ashwagandha, or melatonin supplement to help you fall and stay asleep (consult your doctor first), do a little 4-7-8 relaxing breathing, turn the AC down into the 60s, and go back to your magazines until the cloud-like pillow whispers your name.

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  1. Love it. Need it. Are usually get back to the room and finish work emails for about three hours before I crawl into bed and watch law and order. Your version sounds much more productive for a healthy life. I'll give it a go.

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