The Transcendent Brand That Loves You Back

Josh Rosebrook on Pura Vida Sometimes
The Transcendent Brand That Loves You Back on Pura Vida. Sometimes.

Josh Rosebrook, this month’s Beauty Hero, really is a hero each and every month, and I a loyal subject. Are you onboard yet? Today he debuts his new organic unisex fragrance Etheral, which is nothing short of heavenly…for everyone.

We are bombarded by around 3,000 marketing messages per day, and filtering the noise can be difficult. We are wooed with color and light and big promises for a brighter tomorrow and a return to youth. Josh Rosebrook is different. He would tell you that true beauty comes from health and happiness. He doesn’t want you to look like a photoshopped version of genetically-blessed 17-year-old sprawled across magazine pages. His products make you the best version of yourself. From nature, simply packaged, with buzzworthy results. 

The products: As a brand marketer, it is my (real) job to sprinkle intriguing words onto eye-catching designs that inform and delight. Contrary to my training, the branding of Josh Rosebrook products is so exquisitely simple. The design is highly functional and elegant: the packaging is well-designed, with white labels and clean back fonts, and the formulations deliver. It’s authentic anti-marketing, and it’s so perfect. The products have sweet herbal scents, the enzymes tingle, essences hydrate, the SPF has a perfect consistency – across the line, the products are high-performing and do what you want them to. It’s a courageous marketing concept to allow the products stand on their own merits. 

Josh explains on Sarita Coren’s The Hub of Clean Living: “I’m so tired of reading lofty idealistic, beauty platitude-like marketing claims. They are lies. Just make effective products and share the great results in an honest way.” And so he has.

The neutrality of the design and potency of the potions rises above modern confines that marketers and the industry put on what we think of ourselves. That’s why his products are ideal for all ages and, per Kristen Arnett‘s endorsement, amazing for both women and men. In Josh Rosebrook’s case, beauty undeniably comes from within.

The person: It’s far easier to support brands when you believe in their founders. But in the multichannel modern world, brands and their messaging gets spread thin and diluted. That’s why it’s so unique to come across such sincerity and depth in in all Josh Rosebrook puts out on the web. His Instagram feed, for example, is informative, meaningful, and inspiring, and he often responds thoughtfully.

He is an advocate of health and wellness, and when the balance is struck between these, beauty naturally radiates. On his blog, he stresses, “One product or ingredient, on its own will never make your skin ‘flawless.’ There is no serum that ‘perfects’ skin and we shouldn’t believe that it should. Perfect skin doesn’t exist and if it’s anything near perfect, it’s a combination of many aspects including genetics. […]  The reason I am compelled to share this point of view is to help educate and empower consumers to make conscious, knowledgeable choices when purchasing.” 
The Transcendent Brand That Loves You Back on Pura Vida. Sometimes.
Rather than peddling products for personal gain with no concern for the consumer, Josh’s blog aims to empower and educate his followers, with posts like You Can’t Really “Repair” or Heal Damaged Hair and Your Feelings About Your Hair And Body Affect Its AppearanceNot only does the goodness of the products come from within, but so does Josh’s entire approach to beauty.

The Hero: When I heard that November’s Beauty Heroes beauty box was Josh Rosebrook, I thought, “Well, yeah.” For all the aforementioned reasons, Josh Rosebrook is the perfect Beauty Hero. Beauty Heroes features natural and organic brands of the highest quality and luxury, at more than 50% off retail. You’re leaving the choice of full sized products up to someone else’s fancy (and expertise, to be fair), but each month I’m very happily surprised. There is always a full-sized “hero” product from a brand and one or two of its “sidekicks.” This month I wouldn’t call any of the trio a sidekick…maybe miniature heroes.

The box includes the Cacao Antioxidant Face mask scented of dark chocolate and herbs, like Aztec chocolatl, that sends me into a frenzy and leaves me looking fresh; the Hydrating Accelerator – a toner, moisturizer, hydrator – which I keep it in my purse to counteract the dry Arizona air; and a tester of the organic, wildcrafted Etheral Unisex Fragrance. My hero, my love, my new smell. 

Ode to Etheral: Officially, “A sophisticated and airy fragrance that awakens the spirit with warmth and emotion, this transcendent celestial blend of earth and sky is an Ethereal experience.” It goes on goes on warm and sultry. Mid-way through the day, it’s powdery and soft. More than 8 hours later, sweet smells still lingered on my wrists. Some of the incense notes capture the beauty of antiquity, balanced by the fresh, sweet mutability of now. It triggered in me happy, peaceful memories of sipping cappuccino in a tiny piazza in Rome with nowhere in particular to be, watching men in tailored suits zoom by on their scooters. Of all the unisex fragrances out there, this is the most versatile and truly unisex. I liked it for my husband, he liked it on himself, he liked it on me, and I love it for myself. 

When I made the shift to non-toxic products, my lifelong signature scents started to aggravate me – I mean they made me angry and I couldn’t wait to take them off (Wanna know why this happens? Vered on The Hub). I’d like to think that my sense of smell has since been cultivated and refined to appreciate true fragrance, as the universe intended it. It’s appropriate then that Etheral appeals so profoundly to pure and elevated senses. 

Man, woman, young, or wise – we all need a little Josh Rosebrook in our lives. Take a cue from Josh and recognize that when the mind and spirit are beautiful, it will project from within.

Disclosure: A few of the hyperlinked products here that I use and recommend (and link to for your convenience) contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on them, I will receive a small commission (for my convenience). Theoretically – hasn’t happened yet. I do it for the love. Feel free to buy from the suggested vendors or from anywhere else you frequent or find value.

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