10 Kitchen Tools For Cooking Like a Pro

Kitchen tools on Pura Vida Sometimes

Over the years, working with chefs, nutritionists, and home cooks, I learned to move in the kitchen in a much more artful and efficient way, and I’ve discovered kitchen tools and shortcuts to make cooking quicker and more enjoyable. These are a few of the things I use on a very regular basis in my culinary endeavors (and in just throwing edible things together). I discovered Takeya at the Natural Products Expo many years ago, and as a tea connoisseur, I had to have the little 24-ounce Takeya Tea Maker immediately to brew my loose teas in the office. The […]

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2017: Scrap Resolutions & Live With Purpose

2017 Intentions on Pura Vida Sometimes

2016 was hard. It wasn’t the worst, not the best, but in any case, it’s good to tie up loose ends and welcome a fresh, shiny new year. What are your plans to make the most of this new opportunity?   My numerogically-gifted friend Shae will tell you 2016 was a 9 year – a time for endings and closure, however difficult or painful, and sometimes necessary. But today begins a 1 year – the beginning of a new nine-year cycle which will set the course for years to come. It’s a chance to evaluate where you are and where […]

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