Big Mexican Wedding on a Budget

Big Mexican Wedding DIY - Pura Vida Sometimes

Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life, but the day’s debt should not follow you throughout your marriage. That said if you’re having a big Mexican (Greek, Indian, Korean, etc.) wedding, feeding and entertaining throngs of family and friends just isn’t cheap, but there are a few DIY options that will allow you to pull off the big Mexican wedding on a budget they’ll be talking about for years to come. My idea of an ideal wedding was to elope and get married on the beach with only our siblings, parents, and grandparents, followed by a great […]

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Lymphie Legs: Compression & Summer Style

The scorching summer heat and oppressive humidity can make the life of a lymphie challenging, but there are a few physique-appropriate choices in light, breathable fabrics that will carry you through the season in lymphie summer style. I was recently diagnosed with primary bilateral Lymphedema, and had to kick my compression game into overdrive with in the sweltering Arizona summer – sure, it’s a dry heat until monsoons (about now). As far as I can tell, there are two critical factors in looking good at all times: knowing your own style and wearing your look with confidence. Wear something you love […]

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Letter to My Daughter: Leave While You’re Young

Leave While Your Young - Pura Vida Sometimes - Teotihuacan

The photos of your new life are breathtaking. You decided to leave with a one-way ticket, to get a change of scenery. Some fresh air in your lungs. It was time. Your family misses you, and although my advice may not be popular with them, I just wanted to tell you…don’t come back. Don’t even consider it. Not yet. You have to leave while you’re young. This is your time. You were born with a great restlessness that many never know and most won’t understand, and they’ll try to lure you back. Being away from everything you’ve known will allow […]

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