Letter to My Daughter: Remember Our Love

Letter to My Daughter: Remember Our Love - Pura Vida Sometimes

My dearest Warrior Princess:

The last four years of life since you joined us have been transformational, full of wonder and surprises, and they’ve gone by way too quick. Each day that I get you ready for school, pick you up, and get you ready for bed, with many laughs in between, passes with the blink of an eye. Enough blinks have become another year of life.

But with each passing year, I think to myself, this was the greatest. Each new phase in your development is the most exciting, and every moment with you is better than the one before it. What continues to amaze and inspire me is not the maturity of your sense of humor, how quickly you observe and adapt, or your fearlessness – it’s your earnest, unconditional love. I often wonder what I’ve done to deserve the incredible gift you give me every day of your insistent attention and affection.

Most recently, you’re singing songs of your own invention. “I wuv Mama with her heart. And she is my sweetheart and my best fwend. We have a puppy.” You follow up with, “Don’t forget that, okay?” These are the moments that ignite my spirit and let me know you think I’m doing a good job. I greedily encourage them, imbibe them, and allow them to intoxicate me.

I close my eyes, and etch these moments with you in my memory so I can relive them over and over, and I save them up for the future.

As life goes on, your love may sometimes be conditional. It’s my job to set rules and norms and help shape you into an engaged, spirited, capable adult. I might not get you a cell phone, or lend you the car, or let you stay out as late as your friends can, and I’ll have good reasons. Guiding you in life’s journey will take precedence over our friendship. At times you might hate me, but even when you do, I hope you will also respect me and remember our love.

I will always do my best to be a mindful and caring parent, an open communicator, a fair guide, and a good example. I want you to be able to count on me and I promise to give you the best of me. Even when I’m mad, I’ll try not to let it color our bond, or impede my openness of heart. I’ll do my best to earn and keep my title of sweetheart and best fwend.

I hope you will do the same.

You are allowed to be angry and feel, negative or positive. You’re allowed to tell me what you’re thinking and we can work toward a happy medium, whether it’s about cupcakes for dinner, or evenings out with your slacker friends. You’ll say some things you don’t mean, you’ll hate me for a bit, you’ll think I don’t understand, but I’ll try. But when you close your eyes at night and surrender to your dreams, please remember our love.

Let love be the home base we always come back to when the storm subsides. I will be waiting with open arms.

Until then, you continue to astound me. Be assured I will always be there for you. You are my mini, my sweetheart, my love, my tiny best friend.

I think this new year of life is going to be the greatest.


Letter to My Daughter- Remember Our Love - Pura Vida Sometimes

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