Letter to My Daughter: I Give You the Best of Me

Letter to My Daughter - Best of Me - Pura Vida Sometimes

Sweet Warrior Princess: Today is your day. Okay, all 365 and 1/4 days of the year are yours, to be sure, but this one you get presents and cake. When you were born, three years ago today, I committed to write you a letter within the week…but I was tired and way too cozy with the warmth of you asleep on my chest and it never happened. Every year, the week of your birthday, I have the same intention – but I get busy, and more tired, and somewhere along the way, thoughtfulness and creativity are sacrificed. My letters to […]

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An Introvert Birthday in China 75 Floors Up

An Introvert Birthday in China

When I was a child, I grew up in a tiny town on a cul de sac lined with cute little houses in some variation of one of five models, where in each lived two to four kids, and most of the dads on the block worked with mine. Facing our house lived my best friend, my sister’s best friend, and my parents’ best friends – they are family, no way around it. On my sixth birthday, we strolled on over to my best friends’ like any other day and, “Surprise!” All my friends were there to celebrate with me, […]

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