Becoming Self Made: Latinas and Financial Freedom

Becoming Self Made: Latinas and Financial Freedom - Pura Vida Sometimes

Growing up, most of my heroes in life, films, books, and TV were the rebels. I never liked the prescribed protagonist, most likely because she was nothing like me and I identified more with those on the periphery. As I got older and more self-aware, I realized none of my role models were Latinas. I grew up in a border town, but publicly, our successes were not celebrated. Fast forward to now, I’ve built a respectable career but I haven’t yet realized my full potential and I still need Latino heroes. There’s a particular set of challenges we face, and as I […]

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TEDWomen Takeways: Big Themes & Challenges

Pura Vida Sometimes - TEDWomen Takeaways

It’s been two weeks since I returned from New Orleans where I attended TEDWomen 2017, and aside from the hustle and bustle of life impeding a blog post, I had a lot to process. From Wednesday to Friday, attendees were immersed in talks about identity and race, criminalization of entire communities, forgiveness, reproductive justice, misogyny, assault… We’ve all watched TED talks, from technical to inspirational to heartbreaking. Eighteen minutes here, 15 minutes there. Try three days straight of pure thinking and feeling It’s a lot. And you leave not knowing what to with all this new information. TEDWomen is emotionally-charged, dealing with […]

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Time to Stop Saying Millennial Like a 4-letter Word

Time to Stop Saying Millennial Like a 4-letter Word - Pura Vida Sometimes

Young professionals have fallen into a grossly generalized demographic: the Millennials, or depending on who you are, those effin Millennials. They are a generation of the workers who grew up with technology, are adaptive and disruptive, and they’re giving the rest of us a run for our money. Millennials don’t do things the way we do them, which isn’t bad and is probably a good thing. We can leverage our collective talents and avoid multi-generational pitfalls with some of the tips I’m about to share. But let’s just get it out there – It’s time to stop saying Millennial like […]

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Killer Blogging Tips, Sabor Latinx (Arizona Latino Bloggers)

AZ Latino Bloggers on Pura Vida Sometimes

After attending a Latinx marketing event and being impressed with the caliber of information and expertise, I applied for the organizer’s Arizona Latino Bloggers workshop and was selected. I expected to see improvements in my blog but I wasn’t expecting to reconnect with my culture and purpose. Pura Vida Sometimes was the result of a perfect storm in my life. I needed to connect to my own voice as a writer, have something all my own as a mother, share interesting life experiences with others, research new media as a marketer, and I had the dream of leaving a legacy […]

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The Truth About Blogging (& Blogging Tips for Beginners)

Blogging is hard. I’m just going to say it. It’s a full-time job without pay, and if you commit to it, you had better be in for the love. Friends interested in blogging have asked me how to get started, so I’m going to share some blogging tips and lessons learned and put it all out there. I started Pura Vida. Sometimes. (PVS) for a few reasons. After I left my last job in integrative medicine, I missed it. For more than 7 years, I had the opportunity to learn from healers and thought leaders like Drs. Andrew Weil, Tieraona Low […]

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2017 Digital Marketing Trends and What They Mean to You

Now more than ever, marketers know more about you and are tailoring their messaging to you specifically, but ultimately you are driving the relationship. As a marketer, I to try to stay ahead of the trends so that I can implement new strategies in a timely way. To do so, I voraciously devour white papers, enthusiastically participate in webinars, and go to conferences when I can. How we relate to each other today is dramatically different than how we did 10 years ago, the prominence of technology and richness of data, has given marketers more information about you than was […]

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How Small Men Inspire Nasty Women

How Small Men Inspire Nasty Women on Pura Vida Sometimes

There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately about nasty women. It’s something I’ve spent at least two decades practicing, refining, and perfecting, in spite (and because) of lesser humans’ best efforts to keep me in my place. Being strong and true to yourself gives peace of mind, so if you’ll allow me, here are some tips on how to be a really nasty woman: Know thy enemy: Albert Einstein affirmed that “great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Similarly, nasty women will always be judged by small men, and also embraced by the great ones. […]

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The Best Life Lessons from Great Leaders

The Best Life Lessons from Great Leaders on Pura Vida Sometimes

When I first started my career, I was ready to conquer the world and was sure I already had all the resources I needed to do so. I applied for jobs that were much bigger than me and I had grandiose dreams. I still have the dreams, but now have a better grasp on what it will take to accomplish them and of my place in the workforce. But when it comes down to it, when you’re first starting out, there’s a great reason that there’s a level playing field…at the bottom. In your early 20s, as much as you may […]

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Fire Your Assistant, Get These Apps

Fire your Assistant - Get These Apps - Pura Vida Sometimes

Okay, so most of us don’t have an assistant, but now you don’t need one. There has been a surge in user-friendly, efficient apps that will take your work to the next level. Granted, I’m a technophile with millennial tendencies, but I believe these are user-friendly even for those that are dubious of the wonders of the web. Some are even technological ego-strokers, and let’s be honest – that’s a great motivator. Our goal in life should be to work smarter and play harder, and these apps help get us there. The following list of apps consistently makes me look […]

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Letter to My Daughter: On Being a Workaholic

Letter on being a workaholic Pura Vida Sometimes

To my beautiful Warrior Princess: One of my greatest fears is that you will look back on your childhood and think that your mom cared more about work than about you. I would understand if my actions gave you that impression, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. I’d like to explain a few things with hopes you will view our life together with love and compassion and make good choices on how you want to live yours. Since I was 17, I’ve only ever not worked during three four-month spurts in my life. The first two were between […]

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