5 Self-Care Hacks for Busy Parents

5 Self-care Hacks for Busy Parents - Pura Vida Sometimes - bath time

I think I’ve passed the point in my life when resolutions are important. Every year I want to lose weight, eat better, sleep more, be a better person. But in the last few years, the journey has become exponentially more important than the destination: why do I want what I want, and how do I move in the right direction? With a very limited budget of time for myself, I’ve devised a few self-care hacks which I hope will serve you. Last year about this time, rather than resolutions, I set the intentions for myself of making space, finding balance, being […]

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3 Beauty Oils That Had Me at Hello

Beauty Oils on Pura Vida Sometimes

If I could go back in time share some words of wisdom with my tween self, I’d say, “Little G, eat whole foods and less sugar both for health and vanity, Noxema is not the answer to all your skin woes, just one dab of Electric Youth will do ‘ya, and a big one: middle school really sucks, but hang in there – nerds rule the world and you’re of royal lineage.” Still working my way up… Discovering beauty oils changed my life, and I doubt I’ll ever again buy another conventional moisturizer. These are the reasons, for me, there’s […]

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Why You Can’t Afford Not to Go Clean

You Can't Afford Not to Go Clean on Pura Vida Sometimes

When I graduated from business school, I decided I was going to make it big in the business of music and put my shiny new degree to good use, so I emptied my bank account and moved to LA where I was offered an (unpaid) marketing job working on a movie. When I wasn’t designing posters, conducting guerrilla marketing, or working screenings, I was interviewing for administrative jobs that I was “highly overqualified” for, and working on my tan. It was a great and very strange experience, and I made a really good friend out of it. One day as […]

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