2017 Digital Marketing Trends and What They Mean to You

Now more than ever, marketers know more about you and are tailoring their messaging to you specifically, but ultimately you are driving the relationship. As a marketer, I to try to stay ahead of the trends so that I can implement new strategies in a timely way. To do so, I voraciously devour white papers, enthusiastically participate in webinars, and go to conferences when I can. How we relate to each other today is dramatically different than how we did 10 years ago, the prominence of technology and richness of data, has given marketers more information about you than was […]

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4 Eyes, 5 Nerd-fabulous Frames

4 Eyes 5 Nerd-fabulous Frames on Pura Vida Sometimes

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on them, I will receive a small commission. I’m still resisting wearing glasses – I own them, and always drive at night with them, but I don’t want to commit in perpetuity. That said, I’ve been noticing that I blink, squint, and scoot closer when I don’t wear them, so it may be time to bite the bullet. Twist my arm – I went shopping. I’ve had luck at Target Optical and most recently at Costco Optical, but I wanted some frames that were a little funkier […]

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Learning to See Through a Child’s Eyes

Learning to See Through a Child's Eyes - Pura Vida Sometimes

Over the long holiday weekend, we decided to escape the triple-digit heat in the Valley of the Sun and retreat to the pines, filling our lungs with clean air and disconnecting, if only for a few days.  Excitedly anticipating a poor network connection, and being too Type A to not to have an agenda, my main business item was to clear out the photos in my iPhone. Easy enough – my idea of relaxing. I also had a list of attractions in the area to visit if the fancy struck us, to make the best use of our limited fun […]

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Why You Can’t Afford Not to Go Clean

You Can't Afford Not to Go Clean on Pura Vida Sometimes

When I graduated from business school, I decided I was going to make it big in the business of music and put my shiny new degree to good use, so I emptied my bank account and moved to LA where I was offered an (unpaid) marketing job working on a movie. When I wasn’t designing posters, conducting guerrilla marketing, or working screenings, I was interviewing for administrative jobs that I was “highly overqualified” for, and working on my tan. It was a great and very strange experience, and I made a really good friend out of it. One day as […]

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