Survive Those Toddler Tantrums

Survive Toddler Tantrums - Pura Vida Sometimes

In the last few years, with lessons I learned from my very patient husband, seasoned parents, and trial and error, I’ve become a far more patient person, who is actually pretty good at negotiating with toddlers. I think back to a day sometime in my late 20s. I was standing in line at Victoria’s Secret about to spend loads of money on things I didn’t need, when a mother about my age and her toddler got in line behind me. Cue eyeroll. The kind started wailing like a police siren, and the exasperated mother who wanted to update her wardrobe with […]

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Raising Strong & Happy Girls Who Win

Girls Who Win on Pura Vida Sometimes

On a very typical Saturday morning, I was probably in junior high, my sister and I were watching cartoons in our pajamas having just woken up, easing into the joys of the weekend. My father who, by the looks of it, had been up and at it at least a couple of hours, busted through the door, stood inquisitively in front of us, waited a few seconds, and decisively said, “You guys look bored.” We sprung from the couch and shouted, “No, no, definitely not bored! No, Dad.” He turned around and went into his workshop as we scattered to […]

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