The Upside of Lymphedema

The Upside of Lymphedema - Pura Vida Sometimes

Having Lymphedema is a lot of fun, isn’t it?…said no one, ever. Any lymphie could write at least a few pages about things that make us crazy. Lymphedema is with us every day – it’s here to stay but it doesn’t define or own us. We could live in a state of regret, which is like walking around with an open wound, or we can acknowledge it, make peace with it, dress it up, and move on. Let’s choose the upside of Lymphedema. I attended a mindfulness lecture earlier this month, in which the presenter suggested setting the tone for the […]

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Lymphie Legs: Compression & Summer Style

The scorching summer heat and oppressive humidity can make the life of a lymphie challenging, but there are a few physique-appropriate choices in light, breathable fabrics that will carry you through the season in lymphie summer style. I was recently diagnosed with primary bilateral Lymphedema, and had to kick my compression game into overdrive with in the sweltering Arizona summer – sure, it’s a dry heat until monsoons (about now). As far as I can tell, there are two critical factors in looking good at all times: knowing your own style and wearing your look with confidence. Wear something you love […]

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Lymphedema: What MDs Don’t Know, What You Can Do

Over the last four years, with extreme swelling in my legs, I saw a number of medical practitioners and tried everything they recommended, all to no avail. Today for World Lymphedema Day, years into my issue but only a few months after diagnosis, I share my story. If for nothing else, I hope to bring awareness to the disease and hopefully spare others the same anguish and confusion. Perhaps the larger issue is that, during the course of my struggles, which began during pregnancy, I spoke with 15 medical practitioners (yes, I counted), including 10 medical doctors – my obstetrician, […]

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