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Aside from sharing life lessons, best practices and hacks, I love having the ability, through Pura Vida. Sometimes., to share the things I get really excited about and give you the resources to find them for yourself here in the shop. As I write, explore, and discover, I’ll add more great favorites and findings here in the Shop so please check back, and be sure to visit the Resources page for links to helpful sites and great blogs.

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Thoughtfully Magazine – interesting to read, gorgeous to see, and it informs the sort of lifestyle I like to talk about – great recipes, natural beauty, living organically, with a hint of empowerment.
The Skimm – I seriously love The Skimm – it’s the best way for busy people with a sense of humor to catch up on the news. I read it while I’m walking the dog in the morning (not very mindful, I know, but my body has auto-pilot) or having breakfast. Lots of world, and national news, with pop culture – cool delivery – and it’s not depressing or aggravating like TV news. Plus, it’s free. 

Clean beauty shops

Integrity Botanicals
The Detox Market
Citrine Natural Beauty Bar – If you’re anywhere in Arizona or Sonora, stop by the Biltmore shops and ask the beautiful ladies for a makeover.
A Guide to Clean Beauty Boxes (cost & worldwide shipping)

Clean health & personal care

Clean skincare

Clean cosmetics


Thrive Market – On Thrive Market you can shop 4000 health and wellness products from the top 400 natural brands on the market, some in bulk, with a significant discount and sortable, including organic, non-GMO, vegan, raw, paleo and gluten free and pretty easily sortable. For every paid membership, Thrive Market donates one to a low income family to give them access to healthful food, and let’s be honest, with the discount on Sun Potion He Shou Wu, you make up the membership cost with two jars.

Butcher Box – Grass fed beef, chicken and/or pork (you choose) delivered directly to your door. Guaranteed 100% grass fed and grass finished. Free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs.

Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Get the last drop out of even the tiniest bottles – stretch the value of premium products.

Hookless Snap-in Shower Curtain

This curtain is a game-changer for me in home care. It’s easy to put up and take down and whenever it gets not-so-fresh, you can wash and dry it – no mildew ever. I noticed it at a number of high-end hotels, and tracked it down for cheap on Amazon.

Shop Warby Parker Online

Kitchen & cooking

Bob’s Red Mill almond meal

Silicone baking mats

Cookies, french fries, low-carb pizza. They help cut back on oil, never stick to the food, and they’re safe in the oven.

Zyliss Garlic Press

Throw a whole unpeeled clove in the press, smash it through, then clean the press with the included tool. Let the garlic sit 10 minutes before adding it to food for optimal nutritional benefits.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

Great for smashing refried beans right in the pot, blending simple smoothies, whipping egg whites, making your own whipped cream, and more.

Takeya Tea Maker 

Made of BPA-free AcraGlass that work great with hot and cool liquids. Make sun tea, or add hot water to loose tea leaves, and have it ready in minutes.

Books – Cookbooks

Complex, rich central Mexican style cuisine (my absolute favorite!)

Delicious anti-inflammatory meals and amazing photography

The aroma in the cooking demo where I first met Rebecca was intoxicatingly sumptuous. All her books are great, but this has my favorite gazpacho recipes.

Books – Nutrition

The healthiest, anti-inflammatory diets from around the world

Delves into the science on why the conventional “eat less, exercise more” dogma is flawed and how fat isn’t the enemy.

How crops and food production have changed our phytonutrient intake and how to make the most of the foods you are eating.

Books – Health

A great starter for a transition to clean beauty

Home remedies to common ailments that really work from Tieraona Low Dog, MD

A beautiful, informative textbook on common and useful medicinal herbs