How Microblading is Done (Great Brows Changed My Life)

Microblading on Pura Vida Sometimes

I was born without eyebrows. Well, they’re there, but not visible to the plain eye. My hair is dark, my eyebrows belong on a blonde. My Irish face didn’t do me any favors growing up in a Mexican border town, where girls are known to be olive-skinned, put-together and beautiful, with a dramatic brow, long before that was a thing. I felt the disparity and tried to compensate with all the smoke and mirrors, but still, in the morning I wake up freckly and Irish and by the time I go to work, I look at least half Mexican. My […]

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4 Eyes, 5 Nerd-fabulous Frames

4 Eyes 5 Nerd-fabulous Frames on Pura Vida Sometimes

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on them, I will receive a small commission. I’m still resisting wearing glasses – I own them, and always drive at night with them, but I don’t want to commit in perpetuity. That said, I’ve been noticing that I blink, squint, and scoot closer when I don’t wear them, so it may be time to bite the bullet. Twist my arm – I went shopping. I’ve had luck at Target Optical and most recently at Costco Optical, but I wanted some frames that were a little funkier […]

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Shopping, Cool Stuff & Great Resources

Shopping on Pura Vida Sometimes

Aside from sharing life lessons, best practices and hacks, I love having the ability, through Pura Vida. Sometimes., to share the things I get really excited about and give you the resources to find them for yourself here in the shop. As I write, explore, and discover, I’ll add more great favorites and findings here so please check back.  Knowledge:  Thoughtfully Magazine – interesting to read, gorgeous to see, and it informs the sort of lifestyle I like to talk about – great recipes, natural beauty, living organically, with a hint of empowerment. The Skimm – I seriously love The Skimm – it’s the best way […]

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