The Transcendent Brand That Loves You Back

Josh Rosebrook on Pura Vida Sometimes

Josh Rosebrook, this month’s Beauty Hero, really is a hero each and every month, and I a loyal subject. Are you onboard yet? Today he debuts his new organic unisex fragrance Etheral, which is nothing short of heavenly…for everyone. We are bombarded by around 3,000 marketing messages per day, and filtering the noise can be difficult. We are wooed with color and light and big promises for a brighter tomorrow and a return to youth. Josh Rosebrook is different. He would tell you that true beauty comes from health and happiness. He doesn’t want you to look like a photoshopped […]

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Your Hair is Begging for Detox

Your Hair is Begging for Detox - Pura Vida Sometimes

When I told my coworker the premise of this post, and judging by her expression, I was wavering between “The Best Hair of Your Life” and “How to Get Amazing Hair and Not Be Disgusting.” I urge you to ditch your shampoo and work with what your creator gave you. My intention is to get you to go natural in your hair routine without smelling like an Ani diFranco concert (a.k.a. dread hell). Like most of you, my whole life up until a few years ago, I was stuck in a vicious cycle of shampooing every night – because I enjoy […]

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Hasta Luego, Epic Empties

Epic empties clean beauty gems on Pura Vida Sometimes

I used up a bunch of my faves and re-stocking is gonna be spendy, but always an adventure, right? I pay tribute here to a few of my friends over the last few years. They’ve made me beautiful, they made me happy, they’ve taught me that green can be luxurious. Tata Harper: This brand is a celebrity favorite with good reason. Originating on a farm in Vermont, this line is clinically-proven to be extremely effective, it feels high-end, and from each product emanates the sweet and subtle scent of flowers and earth. Any time I use Tata’s products, I breath […]

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