One Year, 10 Self-Care Discoveries

One Year, 10 Self-Care Discoveries - Pura Vida Sometimes - SmartyPants, JR Ethereal, Iredale

The last year was challenging for many of us – personally, professionally, politically. It’s easy to get swept-away by headlines and hype, and to fall down the rabbit hole of social media. But for me, everything outside my control incited a journey into how to create balance, mindfulness, and contentment. In the present. Within myself. Small breaks between the madness. Self-care allows us to slow down, focus, and listen to ourselves on a deeper level, without being drowned out by the white noise (or the crash, boom, bang) of ordinary life. Whether we’re tired parents, busy professionals, or burdened citizens, […]

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Glow Like Tata Harper

Glow Like Tata Harper on Pura Vida Sometimes

One of the things I was most excited about when I moved to the Phoenix area was being closer to Citrine Natural Beauty Bar – my version of an art gallery of glam – and being able to pop into the mid-day events I had seen advertised, so when I got the email for the master class with Tata Harper herself, I jumped at the chance. Tata Harper is the Colombian-born proprietor of the eponymous critically-acclaimed and celebrity-endorsed natural skincare and cosmetics line. She sources ingredients from 48 countries and produces the rest on her farm in Vermont, where she has […]

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